6 мая 2020

Мастер-класс №3: Figma & After Effects / Liquid Swipe


Component is available on the GitHub as open source:


This is a third UI/UX Design master class about Figma tutorial and After Effects animation from our creative team. Here we show you how to create an impressive animation for a mobile application. There was a lot of buzz around the animation at the time. It was first shown on Dribbble a year ago and we even published the source code in Swift on our GitHub. Later on, various publications on “How to make a similar swipe on React Native and Java” appeared online.

We get comments like “How do you transfer all these animations to the smartphone?”. This is done by our development department and is implemented through Swift or Java.

Cuberto will be releasing one master class each month! There are a lot of interesting things planned ahead and we really do have something to share!

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