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English-learning programs are everywhere, and each has its own learning approach. EWA is different. Working closely with our client, we successfully created a completely novel approach to learning English. The result? An elegant and efficient application which allows users to practice English words while watching shows and movies.

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EWA makes learning words from your favorite shows and movies easy and fun. Since we spend increasingly more time with a smartphone in hand, EWA was created as an iOS and Android mobile app. The app empowers you to improve your English competency anywhere, anytime — even on an airplane, with offline mode.

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Main feature of the app - you can learn specific pack of words, taken from subtitles of your favorite movie or episode. Users can create their own collections of movies and episodes and learn its vocabulary with unique 5-steps technique.


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Maxim KorneevCEO
The guys at Cuberto are great. Their work is successful and has helped my company grow. They have one of the best creative teams in UI design. After the launch of my app we have received about 6,000 installs at the first days.

EWA makes learning words from your favorite

shows and movies easy and fun.

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